With Liberty and Justice for All...? Yeah, right.

Maryem. 17. Palestinian - American. Freedom Fighter.

My posts are about many countries out there that have been exposed to greed and corrupt minded political leaders around the world.

--If you are Palestinian you were born to cherish your land just like you cherish your honor. Every olive tree planted anywhere in Palestine represents a piece of your soul, when removed you ache even if you live miles away inside or outside of Palestine. - Omar Ghraieb

-Freedom for Palestine.
-End Apartheid
-End the Occupation

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This is so important.

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Anonymous asked: Jesus wasn't middle eastern, He was an israelite. read a book.


friend i have some bad news for you.





مدن عربية - Arabic cities 

1 - Egypt

2 - Yemen

3 - Riyadh

4 - Syria

5 - Yanbu

6 - Mecca

7 - Morocco

8 - Jordan

9 - Khartoum

10 - Baghdad

يا بيروت يا بيروت يا ست الدنيا يا بيروت 
يا بيروت يا بيروت يا بيروت يا ست الدنيا يا بيروت 
نعترف أمام الله الواحد نعترف انا كنا منك نغار 
وكان جمالك يؤذينا
نعترف نعترف الآن نعترف ..

Anonymous asked: Salaam hun, hope you're well. I'm an anonymous follower of yours, wanted to take a quick moment to post this as you have so many followers. Aliza (@alizazara on instagram) needs our dua's and help. Her mum needs to raise €160,000 for her treatment. Please post to all your followers, every little helps, even if it just creates awareness, thanks Afsana xxx


Everyone please help Aliza Zara :D and reblog this post to everyone on tumblr. Hopefully we can all help her. I’ve pasted the link below where you can donate money. Even a little will be worth a lot so pass this around. 



Eloquence of the eye. 

Photography by—-Steve McCurry. 

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Obesity in the 1950s © Martha Holmes

the turnstile photo gives me feelings.

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